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Best Motherboard Brands

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There are many different motherboard manufacturers but not all of these have impressive products. Based on different reviews by experts and users, the two most trusted motherboard brands are ASUS and GIGABYTE. These two companies have been making motherboard for years now and have only been providing good and reliable products.

Based on performance, functionality, user friendliness, and warranty, these two brands are up there. Most customer reviews state that they’ve never had a problem with the brand and it’s reasonably priced. Gigabyte includes a lot of connectors for every kind of monitor, it is still pretty easy to use and it is almost always more affordable than any of its competitors. Asus leads with the user friendly parts and customer service care. It is the safest choice when you find yourself shopping for a motherboard.

Other notable motherboard manufacturers are MSI (Micro star international) and Diamond Flower Inc, both are Chinese based brands.



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Things you must do before changing your motherboard. (part III)

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5. Disconnect all the wires. Of course, before doing anything else and before you start unscrewing all the parts, make sure that everything is disconnected. The least you would want is for the other parts to be damaged. The power supply is very easy to spot since the connecters are big, however, the small connectors such as the power switch or the USB connectors on the front of the CPU are barely seen.
6. Remove all the hardware. Aside from the connectors, you must also remove the hardware installed on your old motherboard. There are cases wherein hardware devices obstruct the motherboard when you try to take it out. Do not force it. Removing everything inside your CPU prior to installation is a much better idea.

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Innovation Won’t Stop, and Motherboards will Never Die

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The features that have made PC’s so popular will never go away. Some people can live with a specialized appliance, and a lot of the PC market may shift to other products. However, many of us still want to have our own computer. The highest performance and newest software is likely to always be introduced first on the PC.

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Motherboard In The Market

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One of the best motherboards in the market is ASUS Striker Extreme Motherboard. The best part is you can buy it online and it’s available in Ebay too for $336.00. See the product description below for your reference in case if you want to buy the same:

Overclocking, performance, unique features, and rich software bundled are the 4 basic commitments to R.O.G (Republic of Gamers) members. Striker Extreme provide a detailed BIOS option for enthusiast tweaking, 8-phase capless power to ensure the SLI performance reliability, and the unique gaming features, such as LCD poster, EL I/O, Onboard LED, Onboard button, …etc. Once you use it, you would love it. The Republic of Gamers consists only the best of the best. ASUS offers the best hardware engineering, the fastest performance, the most innovating ideas, and welcomes the best gamers to join in. In the Republic of Gamers, mercy rules are only for the weak, and bragging rights means everything. ASUS believes in making statements and excels in competitions. If your character matches the trait, then join the elite club, make your presence felt, in the Republic of Gamers. -Techonweb

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Important things to consider when buying a Motherboard Part 1

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Motherboard layout design
When buying a motherboard, it is imperative to consider the layout of the motherboard you will be buying. This includes the positioning of mounting holes , expansion slots, ports etc. Of course your cpu case should be compatible with the motherboard, otherwise it would not fit.

RAM slots
The number of RAM Slots should be able to accommodate your needs.

CPU socket
Be advised that in choosing your motherboard, it must be compatible with the PROCESSOR FAMILY you want to patronize. There are boards that are created exclusively selected CPU models only. Try asking the retailer/seller of the items for more information, or search for it online.

To be continued…

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Important things to consider when buying a Motherboard Part 2

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The latest motherboards today usually offer both IDE and SATA connectors. This is because of the rise of the new SATA drives (Serial ATA). Choosing a motherboard that supports SATA drives is a wise option.

PCI slots

Most motherboards have at least two to four PCI slots for expansion and flexibility.
Standard PCI slots designated on the board for additional enhancements like sound cards, video cards, Ethernet cards.
Most mainstream boards also have the faster version of PCI slots, the PCI Express (PCIe).
In buying a motherboard, it is best to plan what enhancements you will apply on your machine.

Know your needs, your preferences and your budget. Seek for more options and opinions from experts to see what motherboard is right for you.

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When Buying a Motherboard

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What is a Pc/desktop without a motherboard???? Nothing actually for it is the part of a computer system that allows you to make good use of the computing power locked in today’s multi-core computer processors. The motherboard is the binder that allows your processor(computer’s brain), ram(memory), Video processor and the many other peripherals you use to communicate with each other allowing them to function into one heck of a collection of technology that is the desktop of today.
As with most stuff you can buy, the cheaper the less reliable they are so the best brands do come at a price. It also tends to change frequently as technology evolves, older tech goes obsolete such as the IDE interface as it has slowly been taken over by the much faster SATA interface.

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The motherboard’s form is also important.

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The design of the motherboard is something that you should consider much. Aside from the specs and speed of it, the form and design of it are also important since this will determine the placement of your hardware in your computer. If you wish to have USB ports in front of your PC, you must buy motherboards that have USB slots in front. With this, comes the issue of the CPU’s casing. If there are no holes in front, you obviously have to replace it. All the hardware slots (slots for the LAN, phone port, USB ports, plug, monitor etc.) are also important since you will be connecting some of your external devices on it. The least thing that you want to happen is for your slots to be covered.

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Your Motherboard

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The motherboard or the mainboard is the core of the computer set, each part of the computer relies on the mainboard to work its part correctly. One of the main functions of motherboard is to maintain connection between each computer parts and make sure that components are working well between them.

Lots of signs of motherboard crashes are that the PC won’t boot up. It does not reach the POST test. It shows erratic behavior. Or something else of any combinations of components is not working. Because all parts in computer is associated to the motherboard a particular parts may or may not work properly if the motherboard is damaged

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What does ASUS P5N-E SLI SLI lack? (1/3)

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Compared to the other SLI models, the 650i SLI is surely missing out on a lot of things, though none of them seem to have a real impact on performance.

Boards equipped with the nForce 650i SLI does not have the 1333MHz FSB support (at least for now), EPP memory support, 28 PCI Express bus lanes, two SATA ports, two USB ports and one Gigabit LAN port.

Most users might not pay enough attention to the missing ports, and at least some will ignore the lack of official 1333MHz FSB and EPP memory support, but the 28 missing PCI Express bus lanes really does matter.

To be continued…

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