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Parts of A Motherboard

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The motherboard exists to connect all the hardware together. Such as hard drive, CPU and monitor. It is made of several parts and each one has their own importance and use. In this article, you will learn about the parts and what it’s for.

Processor Socket – it’s the home for the CPU and the brain of the computer, and it is responsible for fetching,decoding and executing programs.

Memory – it is for the RAM. It’s the working place of the computer where active programs and data are loaded so that when the processor need them, it won’t have to fetch them from the hard disk which will take a longer.

BIOS-  is a Read Only Memory with low-level software that controls the system hardware and acts as an interface between the operating system and the hardware.

Chipset- A chipset is a number of integrated circuits built onto the board to provide specific functions. One part  may be an onboard component such as a modem or sound chip. Other parts may be used to control the CPU functions.


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A newbie in computer may intimated by the word overclocked. It is a free technique that can be done in tweaking the motherboard speed performance. It is all depend on the knowledge of the user on their motherboards. Overclocking tweaking or procedure may vary depending on the motherboard maker.

Overclocking is a process where the users try to alter the computer’s memory causing it to go faster than its default speed. As an example a 2.4GHz can be overclocked up to 2.5GHz or 2.6GHz higher. Thus the overall performance of the PC will increase and the additional speed will result more work done.

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Checking the Motherboard

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When your motherboard was broken down be sure to test parts before thinking it was flat dead and acquiring new ones. Be, by all means, to do a visual check up of the motherboard to make sure all IDE cables are connected correctly, the fans are rotating, and that the CMOS battery is in it’s own place. Moreover make sure for any busted or leaking capacitors; those can instantly cause motherboard to be considered as dead.

Be definite that all of the jumpers are in place as well, in case you didn’t know about jumper setting please check the mainboard’s manual for further information, and the manufacturer’s website to find the manual for jumper setting

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Thunderbolt Motherboard

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Not so good news on Thunderbolt. It has recently been reported that Thunderbolt Thunderbolt has infiltrated about 10% of new PC and motherboards and notebooks. This is from DigiTimes. The statistic is quite low but not really surprising considering how rare it is and all cables compatible with it run from around $40-$50 which is relatively high in price.  The controller chip for thunderbolt will cost you around $20, a lot more than USB 3.0 controllers, which cost less than a dollar each and is fast and capable enough to please majority of users.

Mac users have been enjoying the Thunderbolt, which was developed by Intel, because of collaboration from Apple. Power users with PCs were forced to sit and wait, Which could probably be the main reason for the low sales since there are so much PC users out there. The major and probably only appeal may be its ability to connect a powerful external graphics adapter to a thin-and-light notebook.

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Keeping you and your MoBo Cool

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Cooling is essential for optimal computing but installing a custom air conditioning unit for your motherboard is well, kinda’ going overboard. Cooling fans tend to work best and with many aftermarket brands and types around, they are essential for keeping your computer cool.

Choosing the best would be a good investment but you should also remember to keep things clean. Dust on components tends to heat things up a bit causing components to prematurely fail. Simple dusting of all the CPU or the box that contains everything else asides from the mouse keyboard and monitor is essential. It maximizes the performance of the fans to keep the components cool especially if you tend to overclock for gaming applications. You might want to get a high end cooler for your video card too just for good measure.

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ASUS Z87-Pro Intel Z87 Motherboard

July 3rd, 2013 · No Comments


ASUS is one of the best manufacturers of computer components today. Today we’ll focus on one of their Intel Z87 LGA1150 motherboard for the latest ‘Haswell’ platform. The ASUS Z87-Pro is only $199.00, when considering everything you get with this ASUS motherboard, it’s really a steal!

ASUS is claiming that the Z87-Pro features is the “Perfect one-stop system optimization and enhanced Wi-Fi control on Intel Z87″. It really has  three best features, more specifically three key sets of features. First is the Dual Intelligent Processors 4 with 4-way optimization for one click and done. The second feature is the Wi-Fi GO! this is designed to make the perfect fusion of desktop, tablets and smartphone. The third key feature is the Fan Xpert 2, this feature is one, if not the only,  most customizable sets of fan controls in the market. The combination of all three features is what makes this motherboard one of the best in market worth spending money on today.




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Waterproof Motherboard

May 30th, 2013 · No Comments


One of the most frustrating things that will ever happen to you is when you get your computer wet. There are several times when you will accidentally spill something liquid to your computer and there is a moment where you will feel horrified to the extremes. Good news for the clumsy people out there, ASRock is coming up with their new A-style feature of their next generation motherboard.

The company shared a demo video on how effective their motherboard is. In the video, the motherboard was dangling over a rectangular bucket, water was poured from top to bottom and people can see that the computer is still functioning well. This motherboard is not just impressive because it is waterproof, the special layer on it that makes it work even when it gets wet also protects its parts from dust, extreme temperatures and corrosion.


To see the demo video, click HERE

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Best Motherboard Brands

April 26th, 2013 · No Comments


There are many different motherboard manufacturers but not all of these have impressive products. Based on different reviews by experts and users, the two most trusted motherboard brands are ASUS and GIGABYTE. These two companies have been making motherboard for years now and have only been providing good and reliable products.

Based on performance, functionality, user friendliness, and warranty, these two brands are up there. Most customer reviews state that they’ve never had a problem with the brand and it’s reasonably priced. Gigabyte includes a lot of connectors for every kind of monitor, it is still pretty easy to use and it is almost always more affordable than any of its competitors. Asus leads with the user friendly parts and customer service care. It is the safest choice when you find yourself shopping for a motherboard.

Other notable motherboard manufacturers are MSI (Micro star international) and Diamond Flower Inc, both are Chinese based brands.



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iPhone 6 Motherboard

February 22nd, 2013 · No Comments


Computers are not the only ones with motherboard. A motherboard is basically the brain of a system. It is the memory and it is the way to connect to other peripherals. Computers and mobile phones have this. This week, people got a glimpse of the next generation motherboard of iPhone. This was not exactly planned by Apple but the photo got leaked in public and it revealed that it features the company’s new A7 chip. The new iPhone is also said to be including new Siri capabilities and a larger screen. None of these are confirmed officially since Apple is keeping mum about it. The photo and some other information was leaked by iOSDoc. They also mentioned that A7 chip will be a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, making it better than the tri-core chip found on the iPhone 5. It will also have 2GB RAM and a new version of iOS. iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will be launched some time this year.

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Replacing A Motherboard

December 26th, 2012 · No Comments

This article is to help people who would like to replace their motherboard on their computers. (Assuming that your current one needs an upgrade) This is not an easy task and if you do not have the patience and understanding for computers then this task can easily be frustrating. Here is a step by step instructions,

1. Make sure that you unplug all power sources before getting started.

2. Remove the casing and put all screws in one place. DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING.

3. Whenever removing anything, put a label so you won’t get confused.  Take out the motherboard and do it carefully so nothing gets broken.

4. Place the new/upgraded motherboard. Line it up properly. Attach all adapters, drives and power connector to the new motherboard. Check that everything is in place before putting the case back.

5. Turn the computer on and if it works properly then you’ve done a good job. If not, go over the same process and see if everything is in correct position and tightened securely.

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